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Launched the Foundation Stone of the Transmission Line Xingu-Estreito

  • On May 20, 2015 Brazil´s President Dilma Rousseff and China´s Prime Minister Li Keqiang launched the "cornerstone" of the Xingu-Strait transmission line as a way to celebrate the partnership between Brazil and China.

    The transmission line will delivery energy from the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte on the Xingu River, to the consumption centers in the Southeast and Midwest received approval from the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama).

    The license was signed by the president of the municipality, Marilene Ramos, with 11 conditions that must be done by Belo Monte consortium - led by State Grid Corporation of China (51%), with participation of Furnas (24.5%) and Eletronorte (24 , 5%).

  • About LT Xingu-Estreito

    The LT-Xingu Strait, between Pará and Minas Gerais, has more than 2000 kilometers long and is the largest in the Brazilian system. It is the first of the country called Ultra High Voltage (800 kV) technology, unprecedented in Brazil that allows large-capacity and long-distance energy transmission with lower technical losses and less land use. The project will receive investments of R $ 5 billion, it´s one of the priority projects of the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the following years.

  • Source: State Grid Corporation of China

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